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Early Learning Programs for children ages 2 months to 6 year olds


Empowering young children and families.

Term 4 2023 Enrolments

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2 October 2023 – 8 December 2023
Keilor East


  • Parent-Child Program (0-3 years old)
  •  School Readiness Program (3-6 year olds pre-primary)

What we offer

Our Programs

– Montessori Parent-Child Program

(0-3 years of age)

– School Readiness Program

(3-6 years of age)

Family Education and Workshops

Do you want the tools and confidence to handle those challenging moments with your young child? Receive practical ways to apply Montessori principles that will work for your family.

Coaching calls and Workshops are also available online via Zoom so you can access support no matter where you live.

Circle Of Security Workshops

Coming Soon

Ms Ashley and Ms Sabrina are accredited facilitators of the Circle of Security® (COS) Parenting Programs. The COS model is based on decades of attachment research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.



I´m Ashley,

Founder of Joyful Montessori, Certified Montessori Teacher, Certified Circle Of Security Facilitator, Parent Coach and Educator for families with young children (0-6 year olds) and mother of three.

Our aim is to work in partnership with families to provide the best possible environment (in our Programs and at home) for young children to flourish and to foster a joyful learning journey in preparation of primary school and beyond, for life!


What our families think…

“My daughter is learning so much from Joyful Montessori’s programs and so am I”

Such wonderful learning materials used. I would give 10 stars if I could! We look forward to coming every week! Ashley is a patient and passionate educator. Thanks again for a great term Ashley.



I highly recommend Joyful Montessori at it provides an amazing environment for kids to learn and develop different skills. My daughter and I love attending each week. It’s amazing the changes I have seen in her development and understanding of different concepts and activities. She particularly loves the water activities, transfer work and musical items! She also adores Ashley who has a warm, patient and friendly manner that all the kids love.

– DEBBY  –


We attend Joyful Montessori Parent- Infant and Toddler classes. They have been so helpful not only with building concentration and independence in my son, but also for myself. I have learnt how to take it slow, step back, allow him to do things for himself and how to deal with those big emotions. Ashley is so patient, kind and a caring teacher. I highly recommend Joyful Montessori.



Took part in Joyful Montessori’s Montessori at Home course and Ashley was a brilliant teacher, always making sure that we were all comfortable with the changes in our homes and also understand the Montessori way.

We highly recommend her course to anyone! Thank you Ashley for everything! We’re so happy to have met you and your cute kids!



“The environment is calm and welcoming, perfect for encouraging our little ones to learn.”

We have had a wonderful learning experience at Joyful Montessori. Thank you Ashley for guiding us each week and expanding our knowledge of The Montessori philosophy. The learning materials have been fabulous. Montessori is definitely a way of life and something we are passionate about. We look forward to every session and are excited to continue our journey next year. Thanks again Joyful Montessori. It sure has been a joyful experience!



“Cannot recommend enough.

Arlo went from hiding under the couch not wanting to go to 3YO Kinder to now hurrying me up in the mornings so we weren’t late to Montessori Class.”



“This year I enrolled Zac at Joyful Montessori and it was the best decision we’ve made for him.”

Not only does he learn and explore, but I get to learn how to assist his preferred learning methods and get the best out of our time together by just changing the way I ask him to do things and have confidence in his ability to go at it alone. In just three weeks, he is using his manners at home, he is listening more, he’s calmer and we are having such a great time. I love that he thrives when given the space to explore and I am less anxious about mess and getting dirty. For the first time in forever, we love Monday mornings and are able to implement his new skills at home.”



I highly recommend Joyfulmontessori. Had a wonderful time with Ashley. My son really enjoyed the classes. I would love to join more sessions in the future. thanks for having us.

– UMAYA – 


I am a first-time mum who did not know a thing about Montessori. I am grateful to have come across Ashley’s page and attended her Montessori at Home course, which was a great start to understand more about Montessori. All the concepts introduced in the course are very mind-blowing for someone like me who is new to Montessori. I have learnt, and am still learning so much from her course, especially on how we, as an adult can set-up a prepared environment for our little ones to cater to each of their sensitive periods and to facilitate independent learning.

Having also attended Ashley’s online classes, I have also learnt from her on how I can present an activity to my child. This is something that is hard to learn from a Montessori book. Thank you Ashley! I look forward to learning more from Joyful Montessori!

– SALLY – 


My 4 year old daughter and I attended Ashley’s online classes recently and they were fantastic! Ashley is a lovely teacher and you can see Ashley’s positive energy! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed them and the resources Ashley shared were fantastic. Thanks Ashley!



I would recommend joyful Montessori.My daughter had a wonderful time.
She really enjoyed the activities ‘peeling the banana’ and ‘removing egg shells’..that was the first time she did it by herself.Would like to join more sessions.Thanks Ashley..

– RAFLA –