Parent-Baby Community

2 to 14 months - Infant/Sitting/Crawling

The focus of this program is to help parents support their child's development in their first year of life

Joyful Montessori provides a home where your baby is free to explore and enjoy a beautifully prepared environment. Activities are carefully planned for crawling and sitting babies

Parents and infants come together weekly to encourage the development of movement, refinement of visual, auditory and tactile perception and acquisition of language

Throughout the sessions, you will learn more about the Montessori method and how to implement it in your home

Parent-Toddler Community

14/16 months - 3.5 years - Walking

This program focuses on how to support the child's urge towards independence, to aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills, visual discrimination, language and learning through their senses 

“Help Me to Help Myself” – Maria Montessori

Joyful Montessori provides a home environment that is specifically designed for children. Toddlers have the freedom to choose their own Montessori activities. Parents/Carers will be encouraged to observe their child, to have faith in their child's abilities as they build relationships in their community. This allows you to acquire insight into your child from a Montessori perspective

Activities are designed to your child’s individual needs and interests where they learn with their hands. The materials are self-correcting and adapts with the child's development from simple to more complex work

Combined Communities

We appreciate the challenges in life when you have more than one child (for example a baby and a toddler)
We offer combined classes so that you can spend quality time with your children at the same class
Please let us know your interest in this class as we will coordinate this program with other families

Spots will be limited to all programs to keep the community small to focus on individual growth of each child